How do you solve climate change with a simple product?

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Structural Panel

In with the new,
out with the tree.

Meet the climate change solution that installs exactly the same as everything it replaces.

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Plantd structural panels are carbon negative and made of fast-growing perennial grass. Designed for wall sheathing and roof decking as a drop-in replacement for plywood.  But with zero trees cut down.

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Supply chain

From farm to house.

Our grass is grown locally by former tobacco farmers, revitalizing farmland across North Carolina.

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This grass
withstands seasonal drought and flood, and regenerates soil health.

Cracked earth from severe drought
A flooded field
A former tobacco farmer in North Carolina harvesting Plantd perennial grasses

A supply chain you can rely on.


It’s a natural performer.

Our materials are made only of what’s necessary and nothing more.

Plantd Product Formulation


Formaldehyde-free Resin




No added formaldehyde, fillers, waxes, adhesives or other chemicals commonly used in standard plywood panels.


Carbon is valuable.

We capture carbon from the atmosphere where it is problematic and turn it into something useful—transformational.

Our grass farms harness photosynthesis to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—keeping trees in the ground and regenerating soil health.

Smoke stacks at a coal-burning power plant
Wind blowing through Plantd grasses growing in a field

Our production technology emits a fraction of the carbon dioxide of even the most up-to-date engineered wood factories.

A coal-burning power plant
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Plantd factory emits


fewer CO2 emissions

70% of the carbon captured in the field is retained in the panels that roll off our assembly line.

Versus 27% captured in traditional plywood panels.

One house using Plantd panels for walls & roofs

0 trees

Saved / per house

See our math

0 tonnes

CO2 locked away / per house

See them in action.

Let’s build better together.

Our materials lock away carbon and unlock performance as verified in 3rd Party Laboratory Certified Results .

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Plantd panels are 2 times more moisture resistant than standard OSB panels

2X more moisture resistance
than standard OSB panels

Plantd panels are 1.4 times stronger than standard OSB panels

1.4x more strength
than standard OSB panels

Plantd panels have 50% better nailhead pull-through than standard OSB panels



Nailhead pull-through

Plantd panels have 10% better nailhead withdrawal than standard OSB panels



Nailhead withdrawal

“Plantd’s building materials are the right solution at the right time.”

Mike Murray, COO of D.R. Horton

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